Preparing to Fly (Domestic)

When to arrive

We recommend passengers arrive at least one hour prior for domestic flights.
The terminal is easy to navigate and we aim to minimise queues whenever possible, however the processing times can vary in peak periods.

Security Information

Avalon Airport is committed to ensuring a safe and secure environment. Security measures are monitored and updated regularly to ensure adherence to the strict Australian Government regulations. Please follow directions from security staff as this will ensure an efficient and safe travel experience.

Checking In

When checking in, airline staff will query whether you have any hazardous items in luggage that you intend depositing into the hold of the aircraft. Flammable goods, gas cylinders, acids and poisons are all considered hazardous and may not be checked in with your luggage for carriage on the aircraft. This may include items such as batteries, SCUBA tanks, bleaches, paints and some aerosol containers.

More information on restrictions applicable to hazardous materials visit the Australian Government’s TravelSECURE website.

Once checked in, your luggage will also be subject to security screening to identify other prohibited items.

Proceeding to Gate

Before accessing the departure gate lounge (the sterile area), you will be subject to a security screening process to check for items that are not permitted to be carried on the aircraft, either on you or carry-on cabin baggage.

You will also be asked to place all objects from your person into the trays provided. This includes such items as mobile telephone and digital hand-held devices, keys, wallets, any metal jewellery, belts with metal buckles, shoes with metal insoles, etc. Anything in your bag may remain in your bag, including your laptop. Place your bag in the tray.

These items will be returned to you on the other side of the screening gate, and you will be asked to remove any other items on you which may set off the alarm as you walk through.

Once called to the body scanner please stand still as indicated. You may also be asked by a security office to be manually scanned. This is a procedural requirement and is carried out at random and at the discretion of the security personnel.

It may be prudent for passengers to mention fitted medical applications such as pacemakers, artificial limbs and hearing aid implants to the screening personnel before walking through the screening point. Relevant medical paperwork can save time. Please note that private screening is available should any passenger feel their situation warrants it. Simply alert the screening officer to your request.

Information about Accessibility can be found here:

The following items are currently not permitted past the screening gate and will be confiscated at the screening point:

  • All cutting implements (such as knives, pocket knives, scissors, etc.) and sharp objects (metal cutlery, nail files, tweezers, etc.) are prohibited items in the aircraft cabin. These items may be carried in your checked-in luggage stored in the aircraft hold.
  • Beverage containers of any description (empty or otherwise) are not to be carried through the walkthrough metal detector for the purpose of screening and clearing. Only sealed containers (flask, thermos etc) may be submitted for x-ray observation. A beverage such as a coffee cup with lid does not constitute a sealed container as the liquid may cause damage to the x-ray apparatus.

Unattended Luggage

You will notice signs and public address announcements requesting you not leave your luggage unattended at any time. Unattended luggage presents a security risk and may be disposed of by security personnel.

A number of security personnel, from various agencies, are deployed around the airport to monitor operations. Some may be identifiable by uniform, some may not. You may also see detection dogs in operation around the airport.

Avalon Airport has an extensive closed circuit television (CCTV) system in operation, and your movements may be recorded for security purposes.