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ic info white 48px There is no pre-booking of parking at Avalon Airport
There is plenty of space in our car park, so all you have to do is simply show up... and park!

Car Park Changes:

Please be advised that we have changed our car park arrangements. The main change is we have introduced a $5 charge for the first 2 hours. This means that although the first 40 minutes are no longer free, the cost for 1 - 2 hours has been halved. We hope that people dropping off and picking up passengers will be able to spend more time without the need to drop and go. We have also ordered new car parking equipment to provide better payment flexibility including an online booking system. We expect this service will be available early next year.

Monday 11 - Wednesday 13 December 2017: Please note that we are currently upgrading our pay machines, which means that at any given time two may not be working. We have two machines located in the check in area, one in the carousel area and one in the car park. If you’re not sure which to use please don’t hesitate to ask - and we apologise for any inconvenience.

Thank you.

So close by...

Our parking is right out the front. All of it. Short term and long term. No need to wait for a bus or hike for ages.
Get out of your car – and the terminal is right there.
We have plenty of space so we don't take bookings.
Simply park, and pay at one of the pay stations in the terminal or car park before you leave. Easy.

Fees and Payment

Standard charges apply. Please refer to the rate card and calculator below.

Payment for parking can be made at either one of the automatic pay stations located in the terminal building, or in the car park near the exit. All automatic pay stations accept cash and credit cards.

You may also pay at the exit boom gates with a credit card, however unfortunately a receipt cannot be issued.

*Please note that car park rates are charged by the hour for the first four hours and then charged by the day thereafter. A day is defined as 24 hours from the time of entry.

Please use our parking calculator to pre-estimate your parking charges. Remember, we have heaps of room and so we don't take bookings.

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Our car park is patrolled by on-site security 24 hours a day. The main security building is located within the car park and a security guard is usually on patrol to provide any assistance.

The airport car park is secured from midnight to 4am each day, but access is available by calling security on (03) 5227 9150.

Click Here for Information on Temporary Road Closure

Parking Prices

0 - 2 hours $5.00
2 - 4 hours $20.00
4 - 24 hours $39.00
2 days $52.00
3 days $72.00
4 days $77.00
5 - 7 days $79.00
8 days $94.00
9 days $99.00
10 days $110.00
11 days $116.00
12 days $122.00
13 days $127.00
14 days $132.00
15 days $137.00
16 days $142.00
17 days $147.00
18 days $152.00
19 days $157.00
20 days $162.00
21 days $167.00
22 days+ $170.00

Car Parking Calculator