Aircraft Movements

Avalon Airport is both a commercial passenger airport and a General Aviation airport, and under certain conditions light aircraft may land and park at the airport.

Aircraft wishing to base themselves at the airport as a Resident Aircraft, may apply to Airport Management.  See below for the application form.

Resident Aircraft pay an annual charge, for a discounted rate.

Aircraft operators are responsible for ensuring their aircraft is appropriately tied down.

Itinerant General Aviation aircraft (being aircraft that are not Resident Aircraft) may use Avalon Airport as per the Conditions of Use.  No prior notice is required for flight training, and Avalon Airport will invoice the Aircraft Operator the appropriate charge based on the Schedule of Aviation Charges. *

Prior approval from Airport Management is required for Itinerant aircraft to park at Avalon Airport.  Avalon Airport does not provide aircraft tie down anchors.  Parking charges apply.

Other charges may also apply.  Please read the Avalon Airport Conditions of Use for details.

*A failure to pay the invoice within the required period may lead to the aircraft’s permission to use Avalon being removed.


Technical & Operational Facilities

General Operational Facilities

Airspace around Avalon Airport is actively managed by Air Traffic Control. Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting Services are also available. Please consult ERSA and Airservices Australia NOTAM System for hours of operation and services provided.


Avalon Airport distributes JET-A1 fuel only on behalf of Viva Energy [Shell Licencee].
Please contact airport operations for further information on +61 3 5227 9470 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
*AVGAS fuel is not available at Avalon Airport