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Citilink Indonesia temporarily grounds flights to Bali from Avalon Airport amid COVID-19 concerns

Citilink at Avalon Airport


Citilink Indonesia temporarily grounds flights to Bali from Avalon Airport

Low cost Indonesian carrier, Citilink Indonesia joins the list of many carriers worldwide that are reducing or postponing flights due to the impact of the COVID-19 virus outbreak.

Citilink Indonesia advised Avalon Airport that it was postponing services effective immediately until the virus outbreak subsides. Citilink Indonesia and Avalon Airport will review the situation on an ongoing basis and will recommence flights once the outbreak settles.

Avalon Airport CEO, Justin Giddings, said that the recent virus outbreak has upended air travel across the globe.

“The rapid spread of COVID-19 is testing airlines and other travel companies globally. Ongoing fears of the recent virus outbreak have created a situation of lower than ideal passenger numbers for Citilink Indonesia,” he said.

“In fact, the airline has had to make cuts across their entire network and has grounded 40 per cent of its flights worldwide. They’re certainly not alone - many other airlines have been affected across the globe. It’s a turbulent time for the entire industry.”

“Bali is the most requested destination by passengers and the local community, and our data shows there is a huge appetite for this route. In the meantime, we are deeply sorry to all travellers who have been affected by the postponement of flights. We will continue to assess the situation and have ongoing discussions with Citilink Indonesia. Once the virus subsides, we will restore the sale of flights to Bali from Avalon Airport,” Mr Giddings said.

Passengers looking for assistance with refunds or rescheduling flights, please contact Citilink directly as advised on the message you have received. Passengers who have won or purchased tickets through Avalon Airport donations should contact the airport by the telephone number presented on the voucher.

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