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Avalon Airport: Australia’s first International Terminal to switch to 100% CT Scanner

Avalon Airport's Rapiscan 920CT

In yet another Australian first, Avalon Airport has had permanent approval to use its state of the art CT Scanner in the international terminal, leading to increased efficiency within international terminal security processes.

Several major airports are currently trialing this equipment in their international terminals, but Avalon is the first airport to be approved for permanent use.

The CT Scanner creates a three dimensional image of a passenger’s baggage, providing security personnel a clearer view of the contents of a passenger’s bag.

Avalon Airport was also the first airport to install the Rapiscan 920CT, when it launched the international terminal late last year in time for the first AirAsia flights on 5 December 2018.

“The advantages of this technology are two-fold,” said Avalon CEO Justin Giddings, “as it provides a clear view for security staff whilst saving passengers the bother of having to remove their laptops from their bags. We’re always aiming to improve efficiency for our passengers, and are pleased that we can do so, whilst at the same time ensuring top quality security procedures.”

Paired with this new tech, Avalon has also introduced the Rohde and Schwarz Body Scanner in the international terminal, which effectively allows for several people to be screened simultaneously.

Avalon intends on upgrading the domestic terminal with the installation of another CT Scanner in 2020.

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