Bus Transfers

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SkyBus operates the Avalon City Express, which runs airport transfers to Melbourne CBD and Werribee, and meets each major flight.

Passengers are able to enjoy free wifi and SkyBus' Free City Hotel Link Service.

To/from Melbourne CBD

In Melbourne CBD the SkyBus Avalon City Express stop is at Southern Cross Station.

To/from Werribee
Werribee SkyBus

Passengers travelling between Avalon Airport and Werribee* can be picked up or dropped off at the SkyBus stop in Synnot Street, Werribee, as shown.

  • $24 - One way Adult Single fare from Melbourne
  • $20.50 - One way Adult Single fare from Werribee*
  • Up to 4 children (4-16) travel free
  • More fare information here: SkyBus | Avalon City Express Fares

SkyBus meets each major flight at Avalon Airport.
The timetable can be found here: SkyBus | Avalon City Express Timetable

To purchase tickets
  • For more information and to purchase tickets: SkyBus | Avalon City Express
  • You may also purchase tickets at Avalon Airport or Southern Cross Station
  • Werribee fares should be booked from Southern Cross Station, Avalon Airport or by calling 1300 759 287
*Please note that currently tickets to/from Werribee should be booked from Avalon Airport, Southern Cross Station or by calling 1300 759 287.
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