COVID-19 Health Information

At Avalon Airport we want to do everything we can to keep our passengers safe from Covid-19 when travelling. We have instigated a range of measures to do so, and we also ask for your assistance. Help us to help you stay safe.

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Victoria’s permit system for all domestic travel into the state

From 5:59pm on Monday 11 January 2021:

  • Victoria has established a new permit system for all domestic travel into the state to support Victoria’s rapid contact tracing efforts and give greater certainty when travelling.
  • The permit system is based on a traffic light system that allows Victoria to designate regions in other parts of Australia as green, orange or red, depending on the coronavirus (COVID-19) risk in a particular area.
  • Zones will be declared by the Chief Health Officer, based on the public health risk for coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission. Certain restrictions will apply for travellers from that area.
  • Current permits – including transit and worker permits – will remain valid, so long as they are consistent with public health’s advice on zones.
  • Under the new system, travellers will need to apply for a permit to enter Victoria from anywhere in Australia, except border communities in NSW where locals will require proof of their home address.
  • The type of permit will depend on where people have been, with applicants required to provide details on where they are coming from and where they are traveling to. These details will allow the contact tracing team to rapidly reach people should a new risk emerge.
  • As part of the permit application, travellers will also be asked whether they have any coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, whether they have been diagnosed with coronavirus (COVID-19) or are a close contact of someone who has and whether they have visited particular exposure sites. Providing misleading information is an offence, punishable with a fine of up to $1,652.

Traffic light system – permit zone overview

Red Zone:

  • A red zone means if you have visited this area in the past 14 days you will not be allowed to enter Victoria without an exception or exemption. You will be turned away if you try to enter Victoria at a land border.
  • Returned Victorian travellers arriving by plane or by water without a valid reason or exemption will be required to self-isolate at home for 14 days and will receive a fine of $4,957.
  • Interstate residents presenting at an airport or seaport without a valid reason or exemption will be fined $4,957 and returned to their destination on the next available flight. If this requires an overnight stay, these individuals will need to stay in hotel quarantine until their departure.

Orange Zone:

  • An orange zone means you will be able to apply for a permit and will need to take a coronavirus (COVID-19) test within 72 hours after arriving in Victoria, isolating both before and after your test, until you receive a negative result.

Green Zone:

  • A green zone means you will be able to apply for a permit and enter Victoria. Once in Victoria, you should watch for symptoms and get tested if you feel unwell.

Under the new system, and based on the latest advice of the public health experts, regional NSW, including the Central Coast will be reclassified as an orange zone. That means local residents, as well as Victorians holidaying in these areas, will be able to enter Victoria if they isolate upon their arrival, get tested and stay home until they receive a negative test result.

Exceptions and exemptions will continue to apply. Details of the Victorian Travel Permit System are outlined on the Coronavirus website.

Getting Tested

Tests are free for everyone. There are almost 200 sites to get tested across Victoria. For more information go to At home testing may be available if you cannot get to a fixed testing site – call the Coronavirus Hotline on 1800 675 398.

Face Masks

Restrictions across Victoria have changed. Currently it is mandatory to wear a face mask when you leave your home anywhere in Victoria. It is also mandatory to wear a fitted face mask at the airport and during your flight.

Circuit breaker restrictions are outlined in full here:

Public Exposure sites are listed at the following link:


People aged 40 and over are now eleigible to receive the Covid-19 Vaccine.

More information can  be found here:

Links & Information

For the latest Victorian government travel information please visit
 For the latest COVID-19 information regarding travel within Australia, please visit
 For the latest COVID-19 information regarding international travel please visit
 For hygiene advice please visit
 For the latest DHHS information regarding current Victorian restrictions please visit
Please note that Avalon Airport is in Victoria’s regional zone

How We're Looking After Your Health

In order to provide an experience for you that is as touchless as possible, we’ve installed:
  • Touchless check in kiosks that follow your head movement so that you don’t need to touch the screen
  • Auto bag drops that do not require any touch
  • A new CT scanner at security which doesn’t require you to remove your laptop from your bag unless requested
Please note that
  • Check in kiosks that require touch will be cleaned after each use
  • If a security guard is required to make contact with a passenger for the purposes of security screening, appropriate PPE will be worn and replaced on each occasion
  • Security trays will be wiped down by staff after each use
  • We have dedicated entry and exit points to the terminal. Please follow the signs.
Other considerations:
  • Hand sanitiser stations have been installed throughout the airport
  • Floor and LED screen reminders of physical distancing requirements are throughout the airport
  • We’ve separated the furniture to allow for physical distancing
  • We’ve simplified our café menu to mostly Grab and Go food to expedite your dining experience
Our customer service officers are in the terminal.
Please ask for assistance if you require it and they will be happy to help.

How You Can Help Us

Before you visit Avalon Airport:
  • If you are sick or have symptoms do not travel.
  • Please check DHHS website that you are acting within the latest DHHS guidelines by visiting the airport.
  • We recommend that you allow a little more time than usual when flying, given new expectations around physical distancing may impact timings.
As you enter the airport:
  • Condition of entry to Avalon Airport is that you wear a fitted face mask in accordance with DHHS regulations.
  • In order that we may assist with contact tracing if required, everyone must sign in when they enter Avalon Airport's terminal or any other buildings at the airport. This can be done by scanning the QR code on the signage at the entry with your phone. Customer Service Officers will be present to assist or add details for those without the capacity to scan.
  • Please use the supplied hand sanitiser as you enter the check in area and as often as you need thereafter.
At the airport:
  • You must physically distance where practical. Please maintain distance from staff, other passengers and people not in your travel group.
  • You must physically distance while waiting in any queues. This includes at check in, security, the cafe, or lining up to board your flight.
  • Furniture has been placed to allow for physical distancing. Please do not move it.
  • Please practise good hygiene by regularly washing your hands and not sneezing or coughing into them.
  • After sitting at a table please dispose of all your rubbish into bins provided before boarding/leaving.
  • Be patient. Note that any abusive behaviour towards staff or any person will not be tolerated. Please be kind to one another.
Processes may take longer than usual due to the extra care being taken for your health in this environment.
We thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.