Baggage Storage Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • Valid photo identification is a requirement when using storage or transfer services.
  • All customers must adhere to the Dangerous Goods policy of Avalon Airport.
  • All items to be stored will be subject to security checks, physical inspection and/or explosive trace detection (ETD) screening by the relevant security agencies at the Avalon Airport.
  • A 30 minute grace period applies past the original pickup time nominated during drop-off. Additional storage fees may be applicable for storage past the original pickup time nominated during drop-off. These additional fees require payment before items will be released.
  • The full daily storage rate applies to items stored after the initial 24 hours.
  • Refunds do not apply for early pick-ups, flight cancellations, delays, change of mind and/or events beyond the control of the Avalon Airport.
  • All items not collected within 30 days of nominated pickup time and date will be treated as ‘uncollected or abandoned goods’ and disposed of in line with relevant legislation and location guidelines.
  • Baggage Storage by Avalon Airport will assume no liability for items stored that are of extraordinary value including cash, jewellery, electronic equipment, etc.