International - Check In

Checking in is simple at Avalon. Whether flying domestically or internationally, it’s all in the one place. When entering the airport, keep your eye out for the Departures sign - and you’re headed in the right direction!

Check In

The AirAsia check in booths are on the left side of the check in area; Jetstar to the right.

Food and Beverage

3thirds Café can serve you a selection of cakes, hot or cold beverages and snacks.

Baggage Storage

Baggage storage is available in the domestic terminal near check-in. Just pop on over to 3thirds Cafe and ask.
Prices below. Terms and conditions apply.

Type of luggage0-4 hours4-8 hours0-24 hours
Hand / Carry on luggage $5 $8 $10
Large Cases / Backpacks $6 $10 $12
Car seats / Prams / Tools / Boxes $8 $10 $12
Bikes / surfboards / Any Large or Special items $10 $14 $16

Reading Materials

Grab your free copy of our travel magazine Avalon Inbound | Outbound. With loads of information about our destinations, the airport and the local area, Avalon Inbound | Outbound is your invaluable travel tool. Also some great prizes up for grabs!