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Wyndham Learning Festival

Wyndham Learning Festival

Avalon Airport is proud to be the major sponsor of the inaugural Wyndham Learning Festival.

There are Learning Festivals around the world – but the Wyndham Learning Festival is unique in Victoria.

This festival will be a series of over 80 events held at locations including Werribee Mansion, the Wyndham Cultural Centre and Wyndham City’s 13 community centres. It will provide everyone in the region with the opportunity to try something new.  

Avalon Airport CEO Justin Giddings understands that there is no set flight plan when it comes to education.

Learning is a lifelong experience. Increasing knowledge and awareness, opening one’s mind to new ideas, and getting outside one's comfort zone - that's how we can change the world.

At school Justin struggled to be engaged. After leaving he tried a couple of courses before gradually finding his personal path. It was a mix of work and apprenticeships that led to the Gordon and then Deakin.

Once he found what he loved, and found the challenge in it for him, he couldn’t get enough of it, and he excelled.

"I became the guy who spent his Friday and Saturday nights in the library,” he says.

Justin has become a huge advocate for learning – no matter where you are at in your life. He believes that “education is the great leveler.”

Learning is one thing, celebrating learning is another, and an entire festival dedicated to the art of learning is something new for Victoria.

Avalon Airport is proud to support this campaign. And proud to support every single person who is interested in continuing – or beginning - their learning journey.

Wyndham Learning Festival: 1-8 September 2016

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