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Wild Koala Day at Avalon Airport

Wild Koala Day at Avalon Airport

On 3 May 2017 the world celebrates Wild Koala Day. And given Avalon’s proximity to the furry favourite - one could almost consider us to be Koala Airport!

Avalon is only 20 minutes from wild koalas in the You Yangs and an hour from koalas on the Great Ocean Road.

“Avalon Airport can rightly claim to be Koala Airport – it’s the Australian airport with the best access to wild koalas!” says koala expert and Wildlife Tour Operator Janine Duffy.

She adds, “The You Yangs is home to the most famous wild koala in the world, Koala Clancy – a public figure with over 32,000 fans worldwide.”

And Janine’s not kidding. Koala Clancy has his very own, very solid fan base and teaches the public about what it is to be a koala in the wild.

His home in the You Yangs has been rated by Tourism Australia as one of the top wild koala experiences in Australia, the “most unique koala-viewing experience” given “the koalas have been researched for ten years.” Clancy lives there with his extended family.

The You Yangs is a very easy location to reach from Avalon Airport.
Tourists, both international and Australian, can board a tour, or hire a car and be with wild koalas in their natural habitat within minutes.

Avalon Airport CEO Justin Giddings believes that tourism is a growing earner for the local community and wild koalas can play a big part in the growth.

“We are so lucky to have such extraordinary access - nature right on our doorstep,” he says.

“International tourists from all over the world can’t wait to see a koala, and there’s nowhere better to do that than here. Avalon Airport is proud to support our local community – both human and koala.”

Wild Koala Day was declared in order to highlight the fact that wild koalas need protection. It will also show Australians and visitors how easy it is to take action to ensure their survival in the wild.

29 April - 7 May 2017 | How to get involved in the fun of Wild Koala Day at Avalon Airport:

  1. Come to Avalon Airport
  2. Visit the Koala Photo Exhibition in the Departure Lounge brought to you by Koala Clancy Foundation
  3. Chat to the local koala experts who will be at the exhibition
  4. Register your workplace, group or club for a day out planting trees for koalas
  5. Register for a mini Koala Tour at the You Yangs

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