By Avalon Airport on Wednesday, 28 February 2018
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The Choices Just Got Bigger

Once upon a time the options were just - aisle or window? But when AirAsia X begins flying direct from Avalon Airport at the end of the year there will be three fantastic options thrown into the mix...


If you’re juggling a family or you’re on a backpacker budget, a Standard seat - with its full leather seats and adjustable headrests - is the way to go.

You get to choose what add-ons suit you, such as meal options, baggage options, inflight entertainment, Hot Seat or Twin Seat or more, and one thing's for certain - booking this section will make sure you arrive at your destination with spending money still in your pocket!

But if you’re interested in a little more relaxed down time on your flight, make your way to the Quiet Zone.

Quiet Zone

Quiet Zone is a perfect bubble of tranquillity that is available to travellers tens years old and up. In this oasis you will find cool ambient lighting designed to create a more relaxing atmosphere in which to rest.

Located towards the front of the AirAsia X Airbus A330, you’ll experience minimal noise or disturbance - a perfect spot for those seeking more inflight relaxation.

But if you want the ultimate stay-fresh flight, take the next step and book into AirAsia’s award-winning Premium Flatbed.

Premium Flatbed

Premium Flatbed comes with privacy screens, adjustable foot-rests, pillows, duvets and so much more to ensure that you catch every possible Z.

AirAsia has designed Premium Flatbed to include:

If you’re dashing to KL on business, this spacious sleeping option has your name all over it!

This fantastic range of seating guarantees there is a choice that will suit everybody’s budget, comfort and taste, so get ready to fly to Asia in affordable luxury with AirAsia from Avalon Airport later this year!