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Surf Coast Trek | Team Avalon

Surf Coast Trek | Team Avalon

We’re extremely proud to be sponsoring this year’s Surf Coast Trek, to raise money for the Kids Plus and Give Where You Live Foundations. The 40km trek goes from Aireys Inlet to Torquay - so walkers will get to enjoy a beautiful part of the world on Saturday 29 April. Not content with sponsoring, we are also walking - make sure you check out our sponsorship page and get behind us!

And now to introduce our extraordinary team of trekkers...

Captain JG

Speciality: Natural born leader: easy-going determination combined with an unstoppable optimism. Tends to distract detractors with strategically suspect jokes
Training methodology: Holds meetings on the run in the You Yangs, runs circles around nay-sayers


Speciality: Multi-tasker - treks whilst on the phone and typing a polite response at 120wpm
Training methodology: Putting you on hold while she drops and gives us fifty


Speciality: Practises precise knowledge of the absolute most economical route to the finish line
Training methodology: Supreme streamlining



Speciality: Knows someone who knows someone who’ll get you a better deal on those walking shoes
Training methodology: Lets his fingers do the walking


Speciality: A gentle exterior masks an aggressive competitor - consider this a warning (don’t get in her way)
Training methodology: All we can say is she follows the movements of planes. Closely.


Speciality: The spiritual leader - his passion on the field spurs on the team
Training methodology: Twenty sets of ten reps of airport terminal, rest, then rpt with a chest press, a chat and a charming grin

Coaching Staff: Suzi and Jimi

Speciality: Suzi for the verbosity and Jimi for the ferocity - these two don’t let up.
Training methodology: Please sponsor us, or they’ll just keep talking ;)

In all seriousness, thanks for your support.

Funds raised will go towards assisting the lives of vulnerable people in the region, including young people with neuro developmental disabilities, so every dollar counts. Here’s the link again - we’ll see you there XX

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