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Petronas Twin Towers


The tallest twin towers with the highest two storey bridge. This is a structure that you have to see to believe...

Daily life in Kuala Lumpur is driven by an exciting combination of commerce and culture, and this blend of business and imagination is encapsulated perfectly by the world famous Petronas Twin Towers.

You can immediately recognise their silhouette. Designed by Argentine architect Cesar Pelli, the Petronas Twin Towers are the largest twin towers on the planet.

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Petronas Towers quick facts:

  • The 88-storey towers are 451.9m tall ground to tip
  • Each tower weighs 300,000 tonnes
  • They have the deepest foundations of any building in the world
  • The foundations of each tower took 54 hours of continuous concrete pouring

These structures were commissioned as landmarks for the twenty-first century. They are a unique mix of post-modern architecture and traditional Islamic design, and they are most famous for their incredible Skybridge.

Located on the 41st and 42nd floors, the Skybridge gives visitors breathtaking views of the city from 170m in the air. It is a walkway that literally joins the two towers, but incredibly - is not fixed to either building! The Skybridge moves and slides between the structures, allowing for flex in the wind and providing extra stability for the towers.

This unique construction has given KL one of the most memorable skylines in Asia - a must on your visit to KL.

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