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Location Avalon

Location Avalon

There’s an unexpected industry taking place at Avalon Airport, one that is enjoying good growth, and is making use of the vast surrounding landscape and 1950s hangars that sit solid under the extraordinary sky.

AVV Angle

Film and television industries have long used the unique environment around Lara, Werribee and Little River to create the mood of the Australian gothic – the outback isolation and striking industrial areas. Nearby are Geelong, Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road and the Bellarine which create stunning and accessible opportunities for contrast. MAD MAX, QUEEN OF THE DAMNED, THE DRESSMAKER and Bollywood hit SALAAM NAMASTE are but a few of the films partly shot in the region.

Avalon Airport has seen its fair share of films as well, and is nowadays used regularly by television producers. As a location it has plenty to offer: runways where speed limits or incidental traffic are no obstacle, its own Boeing 747 that has been used in films such as KATH AND KIMBERELLA, farmland, the nearby bay and of course a unique assortment of incredibly striking retro hangars. Notably US sci-fi series HUNTERS and Golden Globe nominated LION have filmed there.


In fact the sheer space of the hangars and the runway have made them the  perfect combination for car TVCs, and many have been shot at Avalon. The flat landscape punctuated by the You Yangs (which have even at times been put through a little CGI to appear as a long mountain range!) is a distinctive setting for a car at high speed.

Location Avalon has just launched its own website ( and is expecting enormous growth over the next couple of years.

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