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  • Aircraft parked at Avalon due to COVID-19
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Aircraft parked at Avalon due to COVID-19

Avalon Airport Jetstar Dreamliners

You've no doubt seen in the media by now that several airlines have parked several planes at Avalon Airport as the spread of COVID-19 impacts the aviation industry worldwide. Currently we have around 36 aircraft from 787 Dreamliners to A320s to Airbus A330s and more.

It's been a sobering time for our entire team, as the consequences of COVID-19 are literally laid out in front of us, on our taxiways and in front of our hangars and terminals. Our roles have changed overnight to facilitate the grounding of these beautiful aircraft.

We're honoured to house them for the time being, but we can't wait for the day when we can see them off again.



**REMEMBER - current regulations say we must all stay home except for essential travel, which means that you could be fined if you come to the airport to try to glimpse the aircraft. Which is one of the reasons why we're posting photos - so that you don't have to! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see the latest.

Qantas aircraft at Avalon Airport

Jetstar Dreamliners at Avalon Airport

Jetstar Dreamliners at Avalon Airport

Qantas at Avalon Airport

Avalon Airport first in Australia to introduce tou...
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