• Scheduled ETA Airline Flight Arriving From Status
    22-May 09:50 22-May 09:50 Jetstar JQ605 Sydney
    22-May 15:25 22-May 15:25 Jetstar JQ631 Gold Coast
    22-May 19:15 22-May 19:15 Jetstar JQ609 Sydney
    22-May 22:45 22-May 22:45 Jetstar JQ611 Sydney
    22-May 09:50
    Jetstar JQ605
    22-May 15:25
    Gold Coast
    Jetstar JQ631
    22-May 19:15
    Jetstar JQ609
    22-May 22:45
    Jetstar JQ611
  • Scheduled ETD Airline Flight Departing To Status
    22-May 06:00 22-May 06:00 Jetstar JQ602 Sydney Closed
    22-May 14:50 22-May 14:50 Jetstar JQ606 Sydney
    22-May 16:05 22-May 16:05 Jetstar JQ630 Gold Coast
    22-May 19:50 22-May 19:50 Jetstar JQ610 Sydney
    23-May 06:00 23-May 06:00 Jetstar JQ602 Sydney
    22-May 06:00
    Jetstar JQ602
    22-May 14:50
    Jetstar JQ606
    22-May 16:05
    Gold Coast
    Jetstar JQ630
    22-May 19:50
    Jetstar JQ610
    23-May 06:00
    Jetstar JQ602
Turn left from the Airport

Geelong, The Bellarine &
The Great Ocean Road

Unforgettable scenery,
food and beaches.
regional circle
Turn Right from the Airport

Melbourne: Australia’s
Sports & Arts Capital

The excitement of the city
without the fuss.